Monday, December 10, 2012

Links 12/10/2012

- Let's print some more money! That will certainly solve all of our problems, right? Central Banks Ponder Going Beyond Inflation Mandates.
Just a quick note on 'money' (=currency) creation: If the newly created currency corresponds to newly created wealth, then, this is NOT inflationary, because the newly printed money are NOT printed "out of thin air". So long as there is growth/production of new wealth, there are more products (which are also of higher value), and there is more and more 'specialized labor', for maximized productivity (the more 'specialized' you are at something, the more productive you are at it). So, this leads to more trade transactions (because there a re more products), and a lot of these new transactions are about products of higher value (for example a new computer has higher value than an old one, it is 'better') ==> As a result, it is logical to create new currency, in order to complete these new transactions (we are talking about a capitalistic society obviously).
Today, we live in an era where everyone is printing 'money' by the trillions, without it corresponding to increased production of wealth. This is the very definition of 'inflating one's currency', and states around the world, especially in the West, have no intention of stopping (why would they? Money-printing is the only way for them to save the bankrupt banks and impoverish the) workers ==> People will stop accepting payment in a currency that is constantly being devalued ==> Hyperinflation.

- World risks fresh credit bubble, Switzerland's BIS warns
Foodstamps Soar By Most In 16 Months: Over 1 Million Americans Enter Poverty In Last Two Months

- Protectionism is on the rise: Tit-for-tat, EU takes Argentina to WTO SEE ALSO: Russia Sticks a Fork in U.S. Pork

- Car plants are shutting down in Europe (because less and less people can buy a car there), BUT the opposite is true for China, where more and more people can afford to buy a car.

- China spent record $57.2bn on outbound acquisitions this year - China has a lot of dollars, that are constantly depreciating in value, so it prefers to spend them in buying HARD assets (gold, energy resources, etc. SEE ALSO:
Huawei Sets Up in Nokia's Back Yard
AIG to sell up to 90 percent of ILFC to Chinese group

- Turkey is not affected by the embargo on Iran Turkeydoes not comply with the US-Western embargo unilaterally imposed on Iran, America's influence is fading away, no?

- EDUCATION: Skills shortages are getting worse even as youth unemployment reaches record highs. The capitalists have A LOT OF unskilled workers who accept poverty wages of 1-2 dollars/day. So, if you have no real "skill", they just don't care about you. They are interested in skilled workers, who are more productive. But as the market is changing at a rapid pace, very few people will actually be able to make a living in the long run...

- EDUCATION: Sony Loses Science Talent as Student Resumes Go to Dairies

- Bloomberg buying the Financial Times? Talk about concentration of the media...