Sunday, December 9, 2012

Links 12/09/12

- EU has long considered the Nabucco gas pipeline a priority project needed to break its strong reliance on energy from Russia, and USA has been backing the project - but now Nabucco is fading away, because RWE AG (a GERMAN company) is backing off the project. Germany has sided with Russia, no? RWE Exit Deals Blow to European Gas Pipeline 

- MUST READ: USA - Exporting Gas And Oil Will Not Erase The Trade Deficit

- Japan - "Let's print some more trillions": BOJ Has Done Too Little, Says Potential Contender for Governor.
Here's Krugman's "explanation" for this non-stop printing of money: "..the U.S. government can't run out of cash (it prints the stuff).." .Can you spell "hyperinflation"?

Giant Platinum Coins Will Not Save US Finances

- Walmart: "Not Financially Feasible" To Take Minimal, Legally Required Steps to Save Workers' Lives. Well, the workers in China are more competitive BECAUSE OF the lack of safety measures, adequate wages, etc. So, every capitalist is now thinking that these things are a liability, no?

-  China continues to spent its dollars on buying up HARD assets, especially gold, energy and land: Canada Approves Controversial Oil Company Sale To China

- Analysis: SE Asian governments gamble on making cheap labor less cheap

- Here's an example of how the "liberal age" of capitalism is coming to an end - Ivy League Cracks Down as Students Spiral Out of Control: “Colleges have been in an arms race to prove to students that they’re cool and give more freedom than the others, Now, maybe the pendulum is starting to swing the other way.”

- Unemployment statistics in USA are being blatantly manipulated: NFP: +146k (What?)

- Turkey Missile Deal Moves Ahead, With Limits - German Cabinet Approves Two Patriot Batteries for Syria Border Zone, Far Less Than Ankara Sought 

- Japan Deploys Anti-Missile Shield Against North Korea Rocket

- Canada Rejects The Pricey F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

- "There is no such thing as a free lunch" - getting something for nothing is obviously NOT a situation that can last forever, no? Here's an example: Google to Rein In Free Version of Software

- TECH: By the numbers: The Demise of PCs

- TECH: On Legacy iPhones and Cannibalization (This article is far more interesting and it has far wider implications than its name suggests)