Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Links 11/27/2012

- India and China Deepen Economic Ties

- Saudi Arabia: King's Rumored Death and the New Line of Succession

- Intel Views Indonesia as a Lifeline - The West buys gadgets (until it runs out of money), but Asia is growing, no?
Desktop and laptop sales to millions of first-time computer buyers in Indonesia are likely to bolster revenue at Intel Corp. and offset some of the ground lost in more-mature markets where consumers are turning to tablets.

 The sales of desktops and laptops that use Intel's chips are expected to surge in Southeast Asia's largest economy as rising incomes enable more people to buy computers. Intel has been struggling in more-developed markets, where the most demand growth is coming from sales of smartphones and tablet computers that don't use Intel's processors.

Everyone is doing it, because this is a great way to be competitive. And everyone knows this:
- NOT JUST APPLE: Samsung Under Fire For Allegedly Giving Employees 16-Hour Workdays, One Day Off Per Month

-  UK: Increasing numbers of working people live in poverty, report finds. This is "great" (!), this means tha tmore and more people are becoming desperate-> They are becoming willing to work for less money ("they are becoming more competitive") -> The profits of the capitalists that will employ some of them (those that actually survive this ordeal) will be higher. Sacrifice an entire generation (the "lost generation" as they are already calling them), in order to gain cheap labor force for the future!

- TECH/Innovation: Harnessing Energy From the Body to Run Devices